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Almarzouk, Almoshawah & Partners

In Co-operation with Covington and Burling LLP

Almarzouk, Almoshawah & Partners is a full-service law firm. We provide diversified legal services related to dispute resolution, legal consultancies and legal structuring, beside other services related to Islamic banking and finance. These wide range of professional and sophisticated services are based on the long international and local experience of our firm’s founders and on our strategic Cooperation with the American Law Firm “Covington and Burling LLP” which has over than 900 lawyers at its worldwide branches.

These diversified experiences and our relation with the American Law Firm, created a strong trust among our clients in the level of services we provide, and in its consistency with the international criteria in the field of legal services.


We represent our clients in all the following kinds of disputes

Securities disputes heard by Securities Disputes Committees, such as disputes related to sale/ purchase of shares without permission, non-abidance by instructions, negative securities statement, delay in stock allotment, disputes related to subscription and shares certificates, and the like.

Real Estate disputes, All disputes related to Nullity of Sale Contracts, Mortgage, Muniments of Title, Commission matters and other disputes related to deception and defaults and the like.

Commercial and Corporations disputes governed by the Law of the Commercial Court, by Companies law, or other related laws. In addition, we litigate Bankruptcy disputes, Trademark imitation disputes, and the like.

Administrative Lawsuits related to unjust pricing in cases of expropriation for public interest, Compensation claims, challenging administrative decisions.

Banking lawsuits heard by Banking Disputes Committee, such as peculation from bank accounts, forged checks, claims resulting from credit cards transactions, early payments disputes, and finance agreements disputes.

Labor Lawsuits related rights and compensations stipulated in Labor Law, but we make this kind of lawsuits in narrow limits for some specific clients.

Enforce all executive instruments (checks, ‎Promissory notes, municipal judgements, foreign judgements) before the courts of execution, through our staff experienced in dealing with this court.

Commercial Arbitration arising out of arbitration clauses or submission agreements. We can represent our clients before all arbitral tribunals formatted in accordance with the Saudi law or parties’ agreement.  Mr. Mohammed Almarzouk has a long experience in Arbitration field, and he may play the role of appointed arbitrator of one party or of both parties

Legal Consultations

Our consulting services include the service of reviewing and drafting all kinds of commercial contracts, in addition to providing legal advices upon issues related to the following sectors

Companies, in general, are the backbones of the commercial community in the contemporary life, especially in international commercial businesses and local businesses that have huge capitals.
Hence, our firm provides full services for all kinds of companies, whether it was a closed or public Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company, Holding Company, or even Multinational Companies. Our services include all the phases a company goes through, which begins with negotiations and discussion between founders and financers, drafting of contracts, articles of associations, charters and policies, applying for governmental licenses, public subscription, until the company is ready to operate and to commence its commercial activities. We also can manage the whole process of mergers and acquisitions.
We provide these services with a high professionalism, through our relationship with Covington and Burling whose experience exceeds a century in all law fields, and through our long experiences of the commercial local practice, by which we can always make distinguished innovative solutions, and be sure that our clients gained a high amount of trust and assurance on our services.

If the companies are the backbones of the commercial life, so finance will be the main supporter for this life and its continuity, whether directed to individuals, companies, Banks, or Governmental Funds.

Our firm provides, based on its experience and strategic relations, full services in regard to all kinds of finance that any corporate need in their practice, especially in finance agreements which need a very high level of professionalism, including the syndicated loan agreements, which is a loan offered by a group of lenders, that work together to provide funds for a single borrower. We takeover all the phases of this agreement, from negotiations and drafting the contracts, the receipt phase, until payment phase. We also take over the loans that take the form of bonds, whether they were offered by public or private subscription, as our firm can draft bonds’ structure and their contracts, negotiate with the investment banks, in order to offer them to the investors, whether individual investors or investment funds.

Forming a Joint Stock Company, and financing it with Loans and Bonds, do always generate securities to be exchanged in a specialized market governed by detailed and sophisticated rules. Many diversified investment fields are derived from this market, which totally differ from the Primary market, such as Investment Funds, Hedge funds, etc. This investment fields need a certain level of accurate understanding and high efficiency in order to submit the needed legal services. We pride ourselves that we are characterized by this understanding and experience that qualify us to provide such services to our clients, as we can structure this kind of Funds, draft related contracts, apply for the required licenses from Capital Market Authority (CMA), Supervise the Fund after commencing its activities, and assure its consistence with CMA’s rules and conditions. Such Investment Funds include the real estate funds, according to the Regulation of Real Estate Investment Funds issued from CMA. All of the foregoing is in addition to providing legal consultancy services upon activities related to equity securities.

As we recognize the complications that face the commercial activities in the contemporary life, and as we are eager to provide full legal services to our clients, we provide legal consultancy services regarding various commercial activities for our clients, especially on international commercial contracts that need a high international experience, besides local businesses that have a huge capital or high level of risk. We take over all related procedures and requirements such as Bank guarantees, Letters of Credit, commercial insurance, and the like. We pride ourselves by the big trust our clients have for us, so we are always keen, to the fullest, to minimize any legal risks that our clients may face, in order to support them to achieve the maximum available profits with low risk.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a very attractive environment for foreign investments because of the strong purchasing power it has, despite of having many laws and regulations that govern such sector. Our Law Firm cooperates with Covington and Burling LLP in order to provide all the legal service assisting the foreign investors to enter the Saudi markets in accordance with Laws, Regulations and directives. We can handle the relationship between the foreign investor and his Saudi partners, which begins with applying for the necessary licenses, drafting the contracts, structure and internal regulations, until being satisfied of work constancy, taking into account the different rules of foreign investment, which may differ than those of the local investment, such as Taxation and Zakat rules. We also pride ourselves that Covington and Burling has played a significant role in preparing and drafting laws and regulations for Economic Cities Authority in the Kingdom, so we believe that we have deep understanding and familiarity with Foreign Investment Laws and Regulations in the Kingdom.

Workers are the humanitarian capital by which any commercial entity can live. Therefore, we always give a great care for the relationship between a company and its employees, through drafting and reviewing Labor contracts, providing legal advices related to rights of employees and employers stipulated in the Labor law, such as holidays, allowances, severance payments, and the like. We work on this kind of advices depending on our deep understanding of the related laws, regulations, directives and decisions, and depending on our long experience in the judicial precedents that govern the labor disputes before Labor Disputes settlement Committees.

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